Setup Nanostations, AirGrids, ... from Android | EasyUbnt


EasyUbnt is the first and only app that allows you to fully control your AirOS (Ubnt) wireless units from any Android device. You need only your phone or tablet. Complete installation of any AirOS device (Nanostation, AirGrid, Rocket, Nanobridge, ..) can be done within less than a minute. You don’t need your laptop anymore.

Why use EasyUbnt?

  • Modern mobile solution with tablet support
  • Complete device configuration
  • Comfortable acoustic and voice signal strength reporting
  • Automatic ubnt discovery tool on LAN
  • Speedtest and latency measurement
  • Fast IP address switching according to destination device IP.
  • WPA encryption keys database
  • Fast firmware upgrade
  • Configuration update in few clicks.
  • Device database for quick connect
  • Supports alignment in station and AP mode
  • Shows valuable interface statistics
  • Supports AirOS v5.
  • Significantly improves speed of installation and saves you money



EasyUbnt is available in Google Play store.

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