New EasyUbnt version 2.0 released

{ Posted on Nov 06 2011 by admin }
Categories : News

One of the biggest change since initial version of EasyUbnt was released! Here is the comprehensive list of new features

  • Added support for new AirOS version 4
  • Incorrect regulatory domain detection. You can set default regulatory domain and if you connect device with different one you will be noticed by message from EasyUbnt. It’s suitable for a new device setup in the countries with different frequencies than in United States. You can confirm change to you predefined regulatory domain in one simple click
  • Items in details tab were updated and sorted by importance. Many new values in friendly readable form.
  • Added latency measurement between android and destination device to Details tab
  • Added current receive and transmit speed on the connected device to Details tab
  • Added one click change of Transmit Power to the main menu
  • Added support to AirControl Mobile to EasyUbnt. AirControl can open EasyUbnt for selected device (no need to retype IP addresses
  • Added one click reboot from main menu. You can reboot connected device in simple way
  • New Platform version item in Detail tab. It shows a hardware on the connected device (Nanostation 2, AirGrid M5-HP, etc)

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