New software package! Try AirControl Mobile in your network

{ Posted on Nov 06 2011 by admin }
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AirControl is a powerful network management utility for Android OS. It is able to connect AirControl server from Ubiquiti networks. You can view connection details about thousands of wireless units in your mobile phone.

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List of main features:

  • Show device groups and devices in the selected group
  • Show all possible details about any wireless device (Signal, Noise, SSID, LAN port status, current data transmission speed on the device, error statistics, geographical position, frequency and many more)
  • Supports remote wireless unit reboot
  • Show all possible graphs about any wireless device with several aggregation features (minutes ,hours, days, weeks)
  • Fully compatible with EasyUbnt software. AirControl Mobile can open EasyUbnt for selected IP address in one simple click.
  • Device list filter support
  • Software updates detection
  • Suitable also for 3G mobile connections. Download as little data as possible from an AirControl server. Possible to set a refresh interval.

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