New AirControl Mobile 1.3 released

{ Posted on Feb 19 2012 by admin }
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Changelog for version 1.3

  • Added new device group “AP-Groups” which shows all essids of all devices in the AirControl. You can view for example only devices with selected essid.
  • Devices in AP mode or AP WDS mode are now highligted in the main list.
  • Added new features to the main device list. Previously only the signal and device name were displayed in the main list. Now you can display also CCQ, Download speed, Upload speed, Wlan Latency and Wlan Uptime.You can for example easily display all client devices on the ap and also their current transmission speed.
  • Device details screen was totally redesigned! Now it shows for example download and upload speed in user friendly way.
  • You can view list of devices (clients and AP) with same SSID for any selected device. Comfortable way how to find other clients on the same access point.
  • New software update and crash reporting interface

Some screenshots here.

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