EasyUbnt and AirControl Mobile available to buy on Google Play

{ Posted on Sep 05 2012 by admin }
Categories : News

I have just released new version of EasyUbnt and AirControl Mobile (Click on Downloads in the main menu of this page). It is possible to buy full versions of both software packages on Google Play.

There are several advantages for the users:

  • Simple update process managed by Google Play
  • You don’t have to manually download and register the application. You can simply install in Google Play market
  • The license is not bound to your device id but to the google account. It means that your license is valid on any new device with same google account. For example if you loose or destroy your device, you can buy a new device and you don’t have to do anything with the license.
  • No paypal payments. Simple buy and install in Google Play.

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