New update for EasyUbnt 5.5 released

{ Posted on Nov 21 2012 by admin }
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I have received some brilliant feature suggestions over several last weeks from EasyUbnt users and I had also some time to implement it so that here are the results.

Google Play version of EasyUbnt has different version numbering. Version 5.5 means that it officially support AirOS up to version 5.5. It may support also higher version but it’s not tested. It really depends only on Ubiquiti developers how much do they change AirOS UI which is then used in EasyUbnt (Unfortunately AirOS itself doesn’t have any API for programmers).

You can update your EasyUbnt via Google Play. Older Paypal version needs some additional changes and will be released later.

So let’s have a look on some changes in the new EasyUbnt:

  • New button for fast configuration backup of AirOS device.
  • Now it’s possible to enable voice signal strength navigation by default.
  • Voice signal strength navigation is possible for device signal strength, all connected stations signal strength (to tune signal strength to some connected stations) and new also for site survey networks (you can align your antenna to any network from site survey without connecting to that!!).
  • New settings to enable automatic device configuration save after connect.
  • Station list has now new menu. You can change signal strength to current data speed for each station! You can now detect who transmit most data over the device.
  • Site survey now supports exports to CVS and HTML file. You can also send site survey report to your email box.
  • New site survey alignment screen! You can align your device to any network from site survey without connecting to the network.
  • Station list now shows device uptime instead of MAC address. MAC address is still  accessible by long clicking on a station.
  • Station list click shows station tuner screen (to tune signal), long click shows station detailed information.

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