This is Frequently Asked Questions page for EasyUbnt.

What is EasyUbnt?

EasyUbnt is new android application which significantly speed up installation of any wireless devices with AirOS operating system. It helps users to find all available wireless networks in some area, point an antenna to a selected access point, setup whole device, connect to network and finally test latency, packetloss and maximum achievable speed of wireless link. All functions are reachable in few simple clicks!

What is “Wireless Invalid AP” in Status Stats window?

Wireless Invalid AP is a value of invalid nwid counter from ubnt status.cgi page. Invalid nwid counter is increased everytime the device encounters packet from different access point on the same or close frequency. Most often it means that if this value is high and is increasing, there is some interference from other access points on the same or close frequency. You can find many threads on ubnt forum about “Rx invalid NWID”.

Can I translate EasyUbnt or AirControl to my language?

Yes. If you want to translate EasyUbnt to your language, we can provide you text file with english sentences and we will include your translated version into a next release. Please contact us via email or use “Contact us” button on the right side of the page.

Which devices are supported?

All devices running AirOS v3, AirOS v4, AirOS v5 and also AirFiber units.